Ordinaries moments I

And you, of what are you made?
of the blue of a cloudless twilight
of the rain on your tongue?
of the shadows of your ghosts
I am made of the warmth shapes
                         of my family
of the fleeting nothing of my memories
                        that build me
the dog under my mother flowers
the blurred anger of my wife
the black and white of my past
the memory that, sometimes,
i am out of focus
and happy
to see the important things

Momentos ordinarios I

Y tú, de qué estás hecho?
del azul de los anocheceres despejados?
de la lluvia en tu lengua?
de las sombras de tus fantasmas?
Yo estoy hecho de las cálidas formas
                      de mi familia
de las efímeras nada de mis memorias
                       que me hacen
el perro bajo las flores de mi madre
el borroso enojo de mi esposa
el blanco y negro de mi pasado
el recuerdo de que, algunas veces,
estoy fuera de foco
y feliz
de ver las cosas importantes


~ by hernanzenteno on February 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Ordinaries moments I”

  1. I liked this poem very much…you might want to carefully review the English translation of the poem…just a random thought.


  2. I love poetry; I love words. Often I find that “mistakes” made by people who are not completely proficient in a language can help to give me greater insight into the language though I might be a native speaker. I often become curious about the “mistake” and research the usage and meaning of the word in question. Frequently, I learn the etymology and further meanings of the word. Sometimes, I even discover that the “mistake” was not a mistake at all.


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