Winter exposes the nest

Note: Down here is cold (Acá abajo hace frío. Traducción en español al final)

From Smog(Bill Callahan) theme, Palimpsests

Winter weather is not my soul
But the biding for spring…

Why’s everybody looking at me
Like there’s something fundamentally wrong
Like I’m a southern bird
That stayed north too long

Winter exposes the nest
Then I’m gone

Del tema Palimpsestos, por Smog(Bill Callahan)

El clima invernal no es mi alma
Pero la espera por la primavera…

Por qué todos me miran
Como si hubiera algo fundamentalmente equivocado
Como si fuera un pájaro sureño
Que permaneció en el norte demasiado

El invierno expone al nido
Entonces me voy


~ by hernanzenteno on June 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “Winter exposes the nest”

  1. I was born in the winter in New York City during the great blizzard of February fifth, 1947.


  2. Great song and beautiful photos to match; your signature across it does ruin the photos for me! Greetings Ron


    • Thanks Ron, sorry for the watermarks but is the most simple method I found to avoid screens captures that ended published in other site without tell me.


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